30 years ago, this bill has been paid

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In fact, this is a Thai telecommunications company commercials. The ad's message is given in a way that the film around the world, breaking attendance records. Here's a brief history and the movie:

Yes, the film begins with the capture of a small child's pharmacy drugs stolen. Pharmacist what to do with them, and asks the child gets. Child, "for my mother," says a shop owner of the restaurant and by the way side kicks in and pays for drugs and the child is putting the bag of food.

Going through the intervening 30 years. Rahatsızlanıyor the restaurant owner-operated shop with her daughter to the hospital removed. Her daughter is having a terrible memo with a hospital. Asleep, and woke up out of desperation finds a note next to the girl's father. The note appears to be zero hospital bill, "This bill was paid 30 years ago," writes.

Of course, paying the bill, the present doctor 30 years ago, the boy's mother, the thief who stole the drugs.